There's a vinyl covering on the concrete. How do you measure the relative humidity?


Vinyl covering is used on concrete slabs and can be used to patch concrete. Sometimes the vinyl covering can add to the thickness of the concrete. Adding vinyl may increase the thickness of the slab and a new 40% depth must be calculated. 


Common Questions:

1. Can you drill through the Vinyl?


2. Do you have to remove the Vinyl?


3. Does the Vinyl affect the RH?


4. Can you place a Smart Sensor through the vinyl?



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    Evan Adams

    Two key points from a vinyl flooring contractor re: RH and installed material.
    1) The vinyl install can affect the RH & your post install RH with existing material may not be comparable to your pre-install Rh because of a) lack of vapor barrier b) sand blotter layer under the slab but on top of vapor barrier
    2) If you have a proper sub slab construction, a RH test will provide a better reproducible test vs. CaCl because by setting the test at 40% depth you are already at the point around where the slab should equilibrate. (there is a good chart showing this, but I don't have it)

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