What are the advantages of Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Smart Sensor Technology over other relative humidity instruments?


Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Smart Sensors fully comply with ASTM F2170-11. They are installed below the surface of the concrete slab, so there is far less risk of damage to the sensors or interference to normal activity on the floor. Once the Smart Sensors have been placed and equilibrated, future readings can be taken immediately without any further equilibration time. The Rapid RH® relative humidity testing system significantly improves the ability to monitor the drying progress of new and existing concrete slabs without adding substantial cost to the project. With the Rapid RH® Easy Reader, jobsite personnel can easily monitor the drying progress of a slab for any period of time with minimal training. There is no need for a testing agency return to the jobsite with their instruments to obtain more results. 

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